Outlander LP Mini

Outlander LP Mini

The Outlander LP Mini Exterior Lift is specifically designed for the weight limitations of Class II vehicles. At just 68 lbs., it is the lightest of any major lift manufacturer. The Outlander LP Mini features a 250 lbs. weight capacity for use with 10” mid-wheel drive power chairs. Features include an on/off switch with a toggle switch for up and down, bright LED lighting and an integrated license plate bracket.


Base Weight - 68 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight - 250 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width - 27"
Overall Platform Length - 18"
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground - 16"
Motor - Fully sealed 12V DC
Warranty - 3-Year transferable
Hitch Class - Class II, III & IV
Vehicle Platform - Full-size van, Minivan, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover


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