Outlander LP 10" or 14"

Outlander LP 10" or 14"

The Outlander LP Exterior Vehicle Lift from Pride® Lifts and Ramps is a low-profile lift that allows consumers with Class II or Class III/IV hitches to lift their power chair. The Outlander LP is compatible with 10-inch and 14-inch mid-wheel drive power chairs.


Base Weight - 76 lbs for 10" Wheels, 75 lbs. for 14" Wheels
Maximum Mobility Product Overall Weight2 350 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width - 27"
Overall Platform Length - 19"
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground - 20"
Motor - Sealed 12 volt DC
Warranty - 3-year transferable
Hitch Class - Class II, III & IV
Vehicle Platform - Full-size van, Mini-van, Truck, Sedan, SUV and Crossover


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