Comet Pro 4W 15 km/h

Comet Pro 4W 15 km/h


The Comet PRO ensures that you will enjoy longer and more challenging journeys thanks to its enhanced driving features and capability to support two, 75 Ah batteries. Large 13" pneumatic tires, combined with superior front wishbone and rear central spring suspension systems, work together to provide smooth travel and an exceptional drive.

  • Advanced Suspension - For a smooth and comfortable drive over rugged terrain.
  • Interactive LCD screen which displays speed, distance travelled, battery status, time, temperature, system faults codes and a maintenance required indicator.
  • Programmable audible signal volume and adjustable screen brightness.
  • Designed to allow the use of 75 AH batteries allowing you to go further than ever before.
  • Integrated brake lights that automatically engage upon the release of the throttle, and left and right turning signals that can be activated through the control panel.
  • Batteries not included
  • Specifications

    Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. / 160 kg 
    Dimensions: 27" W x 57" L Base
    Ground Clearance: 4"
    Seat Height: 17.25" - 20.25"
    Seat Angle: 90 - 130 degrees
    Speed: 15 km/h (7.5 mph)
    Safety System: Speed Reduction Technology - Slows the scooter automatically while cornering
    Battery: 2 x 12V, 75 Ah Maximum Battery Size (not included)
    Tire Size: 13" (4.00-5) Pneumatic
    Warranty: Two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects (excluding upholstered materials, padded materials and tires/wheels). Six months on batteries purchased from Invacare. Manufacturer's warranty does not cover normal wear.


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